About Quick Slant

Contact Sports, your complete supplier of American Football equipment has now taken it one step further. With over twentyfive years of experience in the business and with our wide assortment of products, we felt that we still could do more.

A bottle of whiskey later, and the brand Quick Slant was born. Now we can satisfy even the most demanding customer.

We wanted to offer cheaper and more customizable solutions for teams that want to look good both on, and off the field. Teams want to look professional all the way from the Coachingstaff on the sideline to the players on the fields and to the screaming fans in the stands.

Browse through our site and let us know what catches your eye!

Every so often we will update the site with new products that we produce, so keep yourself updated.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if there are any questions.

/// The Quick Slant Staff